Sandy Brittain, a dedicated artist whose passion has grown with her education and experience in the world of art, was born in 1946 in Marion, Indiana and educated at the University of Colorado where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.  Since 1978, she has honed and developed this interest into a full-time career in Photography and Fine Art.  Her love of the Southwest brought her to Tucson, Arizona where she makes her home with her husband Bill and her Norwich Terrier Olivia. Sandy enjoys the freedom of experimental work, using collage, acrylics, pastels and/or watercolor to express her journey of discovery. She is a Signature Member and past president of Contemporay Artists of Southern Arizona and a Signature Member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild. She has continued her studies in Tucson with workshops with Gerald Brommer, Donna Watson, Nadia Hlibka, Deanna Thibault, Lois L. McDonald, Cleo Teissedre, Julie Sasse, Francheskaa and Josh Goldberg. Sandy exhibited in Colorado shows starting in 1981 and also taught Contemporary Art History at the Rocky Mountain School of Art. She has exhibited in these recent shows in Arizona:

She has exhibited in these recent shows in Arizona:
2011 “Slide Shark!”, Juried Show, Dinnerware Artspace
2011    “Working With Paper”, Juried Show, Tubac Center of the Arts
2011 “Cosmic Shift – The Dance of Earth, Fire and Light”, CASA Juried Show, Pastiche
2011 “42nd Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition”, Tubac Center of the Arts
2011 CASA Signature Show, Kirk-Bear Canyon Library
2011 “Expressions from Two Perspectives”, Northwestern Mutual, Tucson, Arizona
2011 “Fins, Fur, Feathers and Scales”, Juried Show, Blue Raven Gallery
2012 “A Shared Passion for Color” Campus Christian Center, University of Arizona
2012 “Crazy for Color!”, Juried Show, Blue Raven Gallery and Gifts, Tucson, Arizona
2012 “All Things Great and Small”, Juried Show, Blue Raven Gallery And Gifts, Tucson, Arizona
2012 “The HeART Show”, Invitational, Hideaway Golf Club, LaQuinta, California
2012 Café a la C’ART, Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, Arizona
2012 “Express Yourself……Anything Goes!”, Juried Show, Blue Raven Gallery and Gifts, Tucson, Arizona
2012 Members Open Exhibition, Tubac Center of the Arts
2012 “Fiesta Sonora” Ironwood Gallery, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild Juried Show, Tucson, Arizona
2012 43rd Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition, Tubac Center of the Arts.
2013 “Arizona Aqueous”, Juried Exhibition, Tubac Center of the Arts
2013 “Border Celebrations”, Juried Exhibition, Tubac Center of the Arts
2013 Members Open Exhibition, Tubac Center of the Arts
2013 Habitat for Humanity, CASA Juried Show
2013 Tucson International Airport, CASA Juried Show
2013 “March Art Madness”, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Juried Show
2013 “The All Members Show”, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Juried Show, Del Sutton Best of Show Award
2013 “Fiesta Sonora”, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Juried
2013 “9th Annual Calendar Show”, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Juried
2013 Tucson International Airport Show, Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona, Juried Show
2014 Northwestern Mutual Show, CASA, Juried Show
2014 “From the Earth”, Tubac Center of the Arts, Juried Show
2014 Unity of Tucson, 4-Person Show
2014 46th Annual Show, “Lightness and Shadow”, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Juried Show
2014 “Art for Contemporary Desert Living”, Contents Interiors, Juried Show
2014 Northwestern Mutual Invitational, “Artistic Glimpses”
2014 Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance Invitational, “Discovery, Dreams and the Time Between Exhibition”
2014 “Experimental Show”, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild
2014 Southern Arizona Arts Guild, “Accounting Allies Show”, Juried Show, First Place Award
2014 “Calendar Show”, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Juried Show
2014 Members Juried Show, Tubac Center of the Arts
2014 “The Theme is Excellence”, Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild Signature Members’ Show
2014 Abstract Show, Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona, Juried show